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Primary hosts
Order: Hemiptera
Family: Aleyrodidae
Dialeurodes citri
Fry, J.M. 1989, Natural enemy databank, 1987. A catalogue of natural enemies of arthropods derived from records in the CIBC Natural Enemy Databank. pp.36 CAB International, Wallingford, Oxford, UK    
Parasitoid type: Primary
Gargani, E. 1990, Observations of Dialeurodes citri Ashm. and its natural enemies in Tuscany, Italy. Redia 73(1):7-16    
Hayat, M. 1986, Family Aphelinidae. (In: Subba Rao, B.R.; Hayat, M. (Eds) - The Chalcidoidea (Insecta: Hymenoptera) of India and the adjacent countries. Part II.) Oriental Insects 20:161-162     view Hayat, M.  (1986) in PDF format
Hayat, M. 1989, A revision of the species of Encarsia Foerster (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) from India and the adjacent countries. Oriental Insects 23:74     view Hayat, M.  (1989) in PDF format
Hendricks, H.J.; Miller, G.L.; Williams, M.L.; Stephenson, J.C. 1987, Control of citrus whitefly on common gardenia. Research Report Series, Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station, Auburn University No 5:23    
Keywords: Biological control
Hudson, W.G.; Williams, M.L. 1986, Release of the parasitic wasp, Encarsia lahorensis (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae), for control of citrus whitefly, Dialeurodes citri (Homoptera, Aleyrodidae), on Gardenia in Alabama, USA. Environmental Entomology 15(3):585-589    
Keywords: Biological control
Ippolito, R.; Laccone, G. 1987, Distribution and parastioids of Aleurothrixus floccosus Mask. and Dialeurodes citri Ashm. (Hom. Aleyrodidae) on citrus in Apulia. Entomologica, Bari 22:157-164    
Izhevskiy, S.S.; Basova, T.V.; Orlinskiy, A.D. 1987, Encarsia - a natural enemy of the citrus whitefly. Zashchita Rasteniy, Moskva 1987(3):37    
Keywords: Biological control
Khan, A.G.; Mohyuddin, A.I.; Goraya, A.A. 1991, Studies on citrus whiteflies and their natural enemies in Pakistan. Pakistan Journal of Zoology 23(2):127-132    
Liotta, G.; Agro, A.; Pinto, M. lo 2003, Biological control in citrus groves in the last 50 years: three successful cases in western Sicily. Bulletin. Section Regionale Ouest Palaearctique, Organisation Internationale de Lutte Biologique. 26(6):171-173    
Keywords: Biological control
Records 21 - 30 of 100
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