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Baryscapus impeditus (Nees, 1834)

[ Eulophidae : Tetrastichinae ]
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Aprostocetus impeditus (Nees, 1834)
Baryscapus aligarhensis (Khan and Shafee, 1981)
Baryscapus impeditus (Nees, 1834)
Entedon impeditus (Nees, 1834)
Eulophus impeditus Nees, 1834
Eutetrastichus impeditus (Nees, 1834)
Eutetrastichus principiae (Domenichini, 1965)
Tetrastichus aligarhensis Khan and Shafee, 1981
Tetrastichus impeditus (Nees, 1834)
Tetrastichus principiae Domenichini, 1965