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Qiu, B.L.; Ren, S.X.; Wu, J.H. 2005, The mrophological characters, life habits and parasitizing behavior of Encarsia bimaculata. Kunchong Zhishi (Insect Knowledge) 42(1):64-67    
Keywords: Adult morphology; Hosts; Parasitism
Qiu, B.L.; Ren, S.X.; Xu, C.X.; Musa, P.D. 2007, Developmental delay and mortality of Bemisia tabaci (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) parasitized by two aphelinids, Encarsia bimaculata and Eretmocerus sp. nr. furuhashii (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae). Pan-Pacific Entomologist 83(3):235-243    
Keywords: Host reaction to parasitism; Hosts
Qiu, B.L.; Xu, C.X.; Musa, P.D.; Liu, L.; Ren, S.X. 2007, Oviposition preference of Encarsia bimaculata and Eretmocerus sp. nr. furuhashii (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae), two parasitoids of Bemisia tabaci (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae). Acta Entomologica Sinica 50(9):914-919    
Keywords: Host selection; Hosts; Parasitism
Qiu, H.G.; Bigler, F.; Bergeijk, K.E. van; Boshart, S.; Waldburger, M. 1992, Quality comparison of Trichogramma maidis emerged on subsequent days. Acta Entomologica Sinica 35(4):449-455    
Keywords: Mass rearing; Physiology; Quality of parasitoids
Qiu, H.G.; Ding, D.C.; He, L.F. 1984, Studies on the host acceptance behavior of Tetrastichus schoenobii Ferriere: the detection of host ages and parasitized hosts. Contributions of the Shanghai Institute of Entomology 2:27-34    
Keywords: Host selection
Qiu, H.G.; Ding, D.C.; Qiu, Z.L. 1984, Observations on the mating behaviour of Tetrastichus schoenobii Ferriere. Contributions from Shanghai Institute of Entomology 4:77-84    
Keywords: Mating; Sex pheromone
Qiu, H.G.; Qiu, Z.L.; Ren, D.Q.; Shen, B.; Fu, W.J. 2003, The influence of pupal extract on parasitization behavior of the pupal parasitoid Tetrastichus sp. Natural Enemies of Insects 25(4):145-152    
Keywords: Host selection; Semiochemicals
Qiu, H.G.; Qiu, Z.L.; Shen, B.J.; Fu, W.J. 1999, Host-preference plasticity studies with Trichogramma dendrolimi Westwood. Natural Enemies of Insects 21(2):49-54    
Keywords: Host selection
Qiu, H.Q.; Qiu, Z.L.; Shen, B.; Fu, W.J. 2001, Host acceptance behavior of Tetrastichus sp. Natural Enemies of Insects 23(3):97-108    
Keywords: Host selection
Qiu, L.; Sun, X.G.; Sun, S.J.; Cao, J.Y. 2003, Host-searching behvior of the Aprostocetus fkutai [sic] Miwa et Sonan. Natural Enemies of Insects 25(1):24-27    
Keywords: Behaviour; Host locating; Hosts
Records 31 - 40 of 179
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