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Cadogan, B.L. 1980, Entomological division (Biological Control). Plant Protection Division Annual Report, 1979. :5pp Mistry of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Affairs, Barbados [ *Check year ]    
Caffrey, D.J. 1921 (15 Jun 1921), Biology and economic importance of Anastatus semiflavidus, a recently described egg parasite of Hemileuca oliviae. Journal of Agricultural Research 21(6):373-384, Plate 68     view Caffrey, D.J.  (1921) in PDF format
Keywords: Hosts; Parasitism
Caffrey, D.J. 1935, The European corn borer: its present status and methods of control. Farmers' Bulletin of the United States Department of Agriculture 1548:38pp    
Caffrey, D.J.; Worthley, L.H. 1927, A progress report on the investigations of the European corn borer. Technical Bulletin. United States Department of Agriculture. 53:154pp    
Cagan, L.; Tancik, J.; Hassan, S. 1998, Natural parasitisim of the European corn borer eggs Ostrinia nubilalis Hbn. (Lep., Pyralidae) by Trichogramma in Slovakia - need for field releases of the natural enemy. Journal of Applied Entomology 122(6):315-318    
Keywords: Biological control; Hosts; Parasitism
Cagnotti, C.L.; Hernandez, C.M.; Andormo, A.V.; Viscarret, M.; Riquelme, M.; Botto, E.N.; Lopez, S.N. 2016, Acceptability and suitability of Tuta absoluta eggs from irradiated parents to parasitism by Trichogramma nerudai and Trichogramma pretiosum (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae). Agricultural and Forest Entomology 18(3):198-205    
Cai, D.C.; Saito, T. 2011, Current status of Liriomyza leafminers and their associated parasitoids in Shizuoka Prefecture. Annual Report of the Kansai Plant Protection Society (53):47-49    
Cai, D.Z.; Bai, S.F.; Li, X.; Chen, X.X. 2006, Effects of parasitization by three endoparasitoids on spermatogensis in their hosts, Plutella xylostella larvae. Acta Entomologica Sinica 49(6):908-917    
Keywords: Host reaction to parasitism
Cai, J.; Lu, H.P.; Ye, G.Y.; Hu, C. 2001, Effect of pseudoparasitism on total hemocyte count and cellular encapsulation of Pieris rapae pupae. Journal of Zhejiang University (Agriculture and Life Sciences) 27(1):15-18    
Keywords: Host reaction to parasitism; Venoms
Cai, J.; Lu, H.P.; Ye, G.Y.; Hu, C. 2002, A simple and easy method for rapidly evaluating the physiological activities of some causal factors from adult females of endoparastoids. Acta Phytophylacica Sinica 29(1):25-30    
Keywords: Fecundity; Irradiation; Parasitoid mortality
Records 51 - 60 of 3276
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