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Connect with @NHM_London for #MuseumWeek on Twitter

The Natural History Museum joins institutions across Europe for open discussions on Twitter during the first ever #MuseumWeek, 24-30 March.

The microblogging service will launch the initiative to open up conversations between curators, scientists, staff and museum visitors and supporters during a week of activities.

Participants are invited to join in using the #MuseumWeek hashtag, and various hashtags for themes that will change daily.

The Natural History Museum will be participating all week, so look out for ways to get involved and discover more about the Museum, its people and collections.

Join the daily conversation using these hashtags:

  • Monday 24: #DayInTheLife: a conversation about the everyday workings of museums. Chat to Natural History Museum curators.
  • Tuesday 25: #MuseumMastermind: can you solve riddles about displays and collections?
  • Wednesday 26: #MuseumMemories: share memories of your visits and your favourite specimens or exhibits.
  • Thursday 27:#BehindTheArt: chat about the personality of the Museum. What lies behind the exhibits, history and architecture?
  • Friday 28: #AskTheCurator: what have you always wanted to know about natural history curation?
  • Saturday 29: #MuseumSelfies: share your selfies taken in museums. A chance to stamp your style on our specimens and exhibits.
  • Sunday 30: #GetCreative: recreate the story behind an exhibit or specimen in a single photo, or in 140 characters.

Make sure you follow the latest updates from @NHM_London on Twitter.

Can you beat this for a #MuseumSelfie?