A banded krait sea snake specimen stored in alcohol

A banded sea kraitLaticauda colubrina. This snake specimen is kept in the Museum's spirit collection.

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Hidden Treasures: Season two of our behind-the-scenes live streams

The Museum is home to 80 million objects, but only a tiny fraction of them ever on display.

If you've ever wanted to wander through our vast collections or see how we get fossils ready for display, now is your chance.

Dive into our collections with your host Conor O'Keeffe to discover some of the many specimens and objects you don't usually get to see on a trip to the Museum. 

Have you seen season one? Catch up on past episodes.  

Episode 1

The snake collection, with Dr Ian Brennan

Streamed 11 April 2023

In this episode, our host Conor joined reptile expert Dr Ian Brennan to explore our planet's incredible diversity of snakes. 

We had a look at some of the smallest snake specimens in our collection and revealed some of their fascinating features and amazing adaptations. 

How many answers can you get right in our game of 'Lizard or Snake?'

Episode 2

Fossil preparation, with Kieran Miles

Streamed 25 April 2023

How do we get dinosaur bones and other fossils out of the rocks they're found in?

In this episode, our host Conor visited Kieran Miles in the Conservation Centre to find out what a fossil preparator does.  

From giant hammers to tiny drills, discover how we get fossils of ancient sea creatures and super-sized sauropod bones ready to go on display in the Museum's galleries. 

Find out more about fossil preparation at the Natural History Museum

Episode 3

The mollusc collection, with Jon Ablett

Streamed 2 May 2023

Help us explore the wonderful world of molluscs!

In this episode, our host Conor joined Jon Ablett, Senior Curator in Charge of Molluscs, to search through the collection for slugs, squids, snails and so much more!

What's the biggest snail in the world, and how small is the smallest? Why was Charles Darwin fascinated by a tiny octopus? And what on Earth is a mollusc anyway? Jon has all the answers.

Episode 4

The fossil shark collection, with Emma Bernard

Streamed 9 May 2023

In this episode, our host Conor joined fossil fish curator Emma Bernard for a deep dive into the underwater world of ancient sharks.

What is a dermal denticle, did extinct sharks lay eggs and is megalodon still alive? We explore everything you've ever wanted to know about fossil sharks and our collection. 

Can you guess how many shark teeth are in the box, and what do you think the mystery specimen is? Watch to the end of the episode when Emma reveals the answers. 

Episode 5

Art and research in the Angela Marmont Centre for UK Nature

23 May 2023

What happens if you send an animal specimen or fossil to the Museum for identification?  

In this episode Conor joined Identification and advisory officer Florin Feneru and botanist John Hunnex to find out what the Angela Marmont Centre for UK Nature is all about, from fantastic finds sent to us, to how you can access and use our collections for free!  

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