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Browse our databases for data and information about taxonomy, systematics, biodiversity, evolution, planetary sciences and natural resources. Or search our collections for specimens and collections that may help your research.

  • Pufferfish
    Zoological specimens database

    Search the Museum's digital collections for zoological specimens.

  • Alfred Russel Wallace (1823 - 1913).
    Wallace Letters Online

    Explore this amazing collection of letters from one of the world's most significant scientists British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace (1823 - 1913).

  • Leperditia, a fossil-ostracod.
    Fossil and recent ostracod database

    Browse collection titles or search by donor, collector, taxonomic level, stratigraphic location or country of origin.

  • Algae

    A collection of images of freshwater and terrestrial algae of the United Kingdom.

  • Amateurs as Experts
    Amateurs as Experts

    A three year study of volunteer naturalists, biodiversity scientists and policy makers involved in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan process.

  • Female Conchoecilla daphnoides
    Atlas of Atlantic Planktonic Ostracods

    Taxonomy and distribution of oceanic plankonic Ostracoda in the Atlantic.

  • Global Biodiversity Information Facility

    The BioCase project is an established web-based information service providing researchers with unified access to biological collections in Europe while leaving control of the information with the collection holders

  • Electronic biologica centrali-americana
    Biologia Centrali-Americana

    A digital taxonomic collection, featuring 58 biological volumes and descriptions of over 50,000 species of plants and animals. 

  • Carchesium polypinum
    Biological Wastewater-Treatment Processes

    A multimedia, user-friendly guide to ciliated protozoa (ciliates), an important component of the microbial community in aerobic biological wastewater-treatment plants. For use by specialists and non-specialists for training and routine monitoring.

  • Geospiza magnirostric, large ground finch.
    Bird collection type specimen database

    Search or browse bird type specimens and access catalogue data on holotypes, syntypes, lectotypes and neotypes.

  • Anemone pavonina, a flowering Mediterranean plant species
    Botanical specimens

    Search the Museum's digital collections for botanical specimens.

  • Specimens of planktonic foraminifera, Globigerinoides sacculifera.
    Buckley collection database

    Access a complete catalogue of the Buckley foraminifera slide collection.

  • Search the Cestode life cycle database
    Cestode life cycle database

    Cestodes (tapeworms) form a monophyletic group of parasitic Platyhelminthes (flatworms), and include over 5200 described species.

  • Female mole flea
    Distribution of British fleas

    Over 2500 species of flea have been recognised worldwide and it is estimated that this number could eventually increase by 50 per cent.

  • Red/green anaglyph (3D)
    Duxbury collection database

    Access high quality colour images and original plates from the Duxbury collection, a catalogue of Cretaceous dinoflagellate cysts.

  • ebeac
    Electronic inventory of European bird collections

    Search the database containing the electronic Inventory of major European bird collections for content  based on Dr.  C. S. Roselaar 's original publication (2003).

  • Goliathus goliathus, goliath beetle
    Entomology specimens

    Search the digital collections for entomological specimens held at the Museum.

  • Mounted specimens of Foraminifera.
    Former Aberystwyth Microfossil Collection database

    A catalogue of discrete collections within the Former Aberystwyth University Micropalaeontology Collection, including foraminifera, ostracods, coccoliths and conodonts.

  • Former British Petroleum collection.
    Former British Petroleum microfossil database

    Search materials from over 3,500 individual well runs, including palynological and nannofossil slides from over 120 countries.

  • Leperditia, a fossil-ostracod.
    Fossil and recent ostracod database

    Browse collection titles or search by donor, collector, taxonomic level, stratigraphic location or country of origin.

  • Lemur
    Frozen Ark

    The Frozen Ark project aims to collect, preserve and store the DNA and viable cells of animals in danger of extinction. It focuses on the thousands of invertebrate and vertebrate animals that are expected to disappear within a few decades.

  • Slides from the Heron-Allen collection.
    Heron-Allen slide collection database

    Access a complete catalogue of the Heron-Allen foraminifera slide collection, including specimens collected during historic research voyages.

  • Specimens from Sir Hans Sloane's collection
    Historical collections

    Find out about the important fossil collections of Sir Hans Sloane,Carl Dietrich Eberhard König and Thomas Pennant, held at the Museum.

  • Old World screwworm fly
    Identification key to species of myiasis-causing fly larvae

    This key, developed by Zoe Adams, Lisa Smith and Martin Hall, is a work in progress and will be updated on a regular basis to include more taxa and characters.

  • Damnux – undescribed species from dipterocarp seed
    Insects feeding on tropical forest seeds

    Insects or seed predators found feeding on the fruit of Dipterocarps trees in the tropical rainforests of Indonesia.

  • Monogenean
    Host-Parasite database

    Quarter of a million host-parasite records, detailing helminth parasites their associated host species and locality, extracted from 28,000 references.

  • The works of Charles Darwin
    Library catalogue

    Search online for books, periodicals, artworks, maps and manuscripts.

  • Tarnowitzite, a variety of aragonite.
    Mineralogy collection database

    Search the database to find specimens in the Museum's mineralogy collections.

  • Archaeoattacus staudingeri moth.
    Moths of Borneo

    The Moths of Borneo is a major part work production, estimated to run to 18 volumes covering all the 'macro' moths recorded from Borneo, currently estimated at some 4,500 species, all of which are illustrated in colour.

  • Chimpanzee skeleton, 1907.
    Museum Archives catalogue

    Browse or search online for Archive materials.

  • Python molurus
    P4, a Python package for phylogenetics

    P4 is a Python package that does maximum likelihood and Bayesian phylogenetic analyses on molecular sequences.

  • Pentremites sulcatus, a fossil blastoid
    Palaeontology specimen database

    Search the palaeontology database for specimens held in the Museum's palaeontology collections.

  • Commelina erecta
    Plant diversity in Paraguay

    Search a database of flowering plants and ferns from Paraguay and find out how plant inventories are aiding conservation.

  • theobroma cacao, cacao beans.
    Plants and fungi used in homeopathy

    This website is about the plants and fungi used in homeopathic remedies.

  • Parrot
    Project Biomap

    Project Biomap has gathered and digitized Colombian bird specimens from 86 collections across the world, with key collections from Instituto de Ciencias Naturales, National University (ICN, Bogotá), American Museum of Natural History, and The Natural History Museum London.

  • Solanaceae source logo
    Solanaceae source

    Providing a worldwide taxonomic monograph of the nightshade family, Solanaceae.

  • Guelder rose
    The George Clifford Herbarium

    A prolific collector, Clifford employed Carl Linnaeus to catalogue his garden and herbarium.

  • Indigofera tinctoria
    The Paul Hermann Herbarium

    Hermann's dried plants and drawings represent the first major botanical collection from the East Indies.

  • Hydrophyllum virginianum
    The John Clayton Herbarium

    One of the earliest plant collectors in Virginia, Clayton contributed many type specimens to Linnaean classification.

  • Mine of Trachys minutus on Ulmus minor.
    The leaf and stem mines of British flies and other insects

    An account of around 900 British leaf, stem, twig, bark and samara mines from flies, moths, sawflies and beetles.

  • Gridscale maiden fern
    The Sir Hans Sloane Herbarium

    Sloane amassed a collection so large it formed the foundation of the Natural History Museum. The Herbarium contains volumes from his pioneering voyage to Jamaica.

  • The great yellow bee Bombus distinguendus
    UK Species

    The UK species inventory provides all names for a given UK species ensuring accurate recording and tracking of UK biodiversity.

  • Anagyrus fusciventris
    Universal chalcidoidea database

    Contains original citations for all 31,000 taxonomic names available for Chalcidoidea, supported by a citation of the published source and over 120,000 host/associate records and more than 140,000 distribution records.