Bird collection type specimen database

Search or browse bird type specimens and access catalogue data on holotypes, syntypes, lectotypes and neotypes.

All members of a syntype series have equal status, but only one member of each is listed, regardless of how many are in the collections.

The catalogue includes additions and corrections noted prior to June 2001. Additional entries will not be shown when browsing the catalogue, but will appear in appropriate searches.

Type-Specimens of Birds at the British Museum (Natural History).

Volume 1: non-Passerines.


Volume 1: non-Passerines

Species that lack the characteristic Passerine trait of three forward-facing toes and one back. Compiled by Rachel L. M. Warren, Trustees of the British Museum (Natural History), London: 1966.



Volume 2: Passerines

Species with three toes facing forwards and one back. Compiled by Rachel L. M. Warren and C.J.O. Harrison, Trustees of the British Museum (Natural History), London: 1971.