Resources and opportunities

The Museum has a range of facilities that support micropalaeontological research, including a digital imaging suite and a dedicated micropalaeontology library. 

These resources and our collections present many opportunities for research collaborations and volunteer placements. Find out more below.

  • Heron-Allen collection slide.
    Micropalaeontology library

    Explore the Heron-Allen Library, a leading international resource for micropalaeontology literature.

  • Syracosphaera anthos
    Digital imaging facilities for micropalaeontology

    Learn about the micropalaeontology unit's digital imaging facilities, as well as the new techniques our researchers have developed to help visualise microfossils, nannofossils and palynomorphs.

  • Slides from the Heron-Allen collection.
    Research opportunities

    The micropalaeontology unit are always looking for collaborative projects, especially if the research has the potential to enhance our understanding of material in Museum collections.

  • Micropalaeontology volunteers at work.
    Volunteer opportunities

    Find out more about volunteers in the micropalaeontology unit, and how you can get involved.

  • Pentremites sulcatus, a fossil blastoid
    Palaeontology resources

    Search the Museum's palaeontology collections databases, including a fossil and recent ostracod catalogue and the Heron-Allen slide collection.

Heron-Allen collection slide.
Micropalaeontology curator's blog

For the latest news and events from the micropalaeontology team follow the curator's blog.