Mineral and planetary sciences

Researchers in the Mineral and Planetary Sciences Division are investigating the fundamental geological processes that shape our planet and the solar system.

Volcanology and petrology research

We are investigating active volcanoes and other volcanic areas to better understand the genesis and evolution of magmas and the timescales of pre-eruptive magmatic processes.

Extraterrestrial materials research

Current research projects explore the origins and evolution of the Sun, planets, the Moon, asteroids and comets.  

Mineral sciences research

We are investigating the effects of atomic scale phenomena on the properties of minerals.


Undertake professional and postgraduate training in mineral and planetary sciences. 

Core research labs

Our research lab teams are available for complex on-site imaging and analysis of biological and geological samples.

Mineral collection

One of the most important and comprehensive collections of its type in the world. 

Meteorite collection

One of the finest meteorite collections in the world, with specimens from the Moon and Mars.

Rock collection

Our huge rock collection records the growing understanding of the geological processes that shape Earth.

Attend seminars and conferences for scientists