Key Stage 3 at Tring

A view of the galleries

Discover self-guided tours, workshops and creative activities for Key Stage 3 pupils.

Most of our free workshops can accommodate up to 32 students at a time.

School visits, activities and workshops are free, but donations help support our vital work to look after nature and provide our learning programme. There is a recommended donation of £2 per child.

How to book

For questions and bookings, please email or call us on +44 (0)20 7942 6177.

We recommend booking at least a month in advance.

Visit our Essential information for school visits page for further advice.

  • Workshops

    Variation workshop

    Explore environmental and inherited variation and what this means for a species. Closely investigate specimens and make hypotheses.  

    Curriculum links:

    • heredity, the process by which genetic information is transmitted from one generation to the next
    • differences between species
    • the variation between species and between individuals of the same species means some organisms compete more successfully, which can drive natural selection
    • changes in the environment may leave individuals within a species, and some entire species, less adapted to compete successfully and reproduce, which in turn may lead to extinction

    Useful Museum resources:


    The galleries provide an opportunity for older students to practice their artistic skills and be inspired by the specimens on a number of levels.

    The specimens are a chance to study colour, pattern, texture and shape. The galleries can be used for:

    • study of still life, line drawing and painting
    • photography
    • understanding the cultural importance of specimens and art

    We can provide a short introduction to the galleries and their history, or handling specimens for close observation in a designated seated space.