Home Educated groups at Tring

Home educated groups can use the Museum at Tring to supplement their learning, free of charge

How to book

For questions and bookings, email tring-bookings@nhm.ac.uk or call us on +44 (0)20 7942 6177.

For visits, both workshops and general visits, we recommend booking at least a month in advance.

Home Educated groups have access to the full range of educational activities at Tring, from exploring the Museum with activity sheets and self-guided tours to booking one of our regular workshops.

Activity sheets

Download worksheets for free curriculum-linked activities, based on close observation of specimens on display. You can book clipboards in advance for use around the galleries.

Self-guided tours

Encourage children to ask questions and discuss animal features with our self-guided tours. The tours are designed for use by an adult leading a small group of children.

Makaton-based gallery trails


All of our workshops are available for home educated groups and details are listed in the relevant key stages. Some can be catered to a variety of ages and working level or we may be able to provide two for different levels, this can be discussed upon booking. 

Workshops run with a minimum of 10 children and a maximum of 30. If there is a large group we may request for fewer adults to attend due to the capacity of the room. All workshops last around 45 minutes.

Please see the relevant key stage pages for the workshops we offer:

Booking visits and workshops

For questions and bookings, email tring-bookings@nhm.ac.uk or call us on +44 (0)20 7942 6177.

Visits, both workshops and general visits, must be booked two weeks in advance. 

Upon booking please provide the following details:

  • Lead organiser and contact details
  • Number of children and number of children in each age group
  • Number of adults
  • Workshop
  • Arrival and departure time
  • Special or mobility needs