Home Educated groups at Tring

Home educated groups can use the Museum at Tring to supplement their learning, free of charge

Home Educated groups have access to the full range of educational activities at Tring.

Explore the Museum with activity sheets and self-guided tours, book one of our regular workshops or join us on our special Home Ed Days.

Home Ed Day - 2 May 2024

Join us on the 29th February for a bespoke Home Education Morning. We are running two workshops - KS1 Discovering Animals and KS2 Skeletons.

To support your time in the galleries, download and print our self-guided tours or gallery trails. We have clipboards and pencils which you can use.

  • KS1 – Discovering Animals 10.30-11.15
    Find, identify and record a range of local minibeasts. Compare the minibeasts found in different microhabitats.
  • KS2 - Skeletons 11.30-12.15
    Explore urban nature on the Museum grounds and investigate the impacts humans are having. Carry out a fieldwork investigation to measure how invertebrates are impacted on in trampled and untrampled areas and use specialist equipment to record results. 

To ensure there is space for other children we ask that children only attend one workshop. We ask that at least one adult is present with their children for supervision.

How to book

Please call 020 79426177 or email tring-bookings@nhm.ac.uk with the following details:

  • Name
  • Number of adults and children attending
  • Age of children
  • SEND
  • Workshop you’d like to attend
  • Email address
  • Phone number

We will send pre-visit information a week before your visit.

How to book visits and workshops

For questions and bookings, please email or call us on +44 (0)20 7942 6177.

All of our workshops are available to book. Each workshop needs a minimum of 10 children and each child can attend one workshop. We recommend grouping children by age or working level so they can attend the most suitable workshop.

We ask for a few adults to volunteer as group leaders within the workshop and may ask for some adults and younger children to remain in the galleries due to the size of the room.

For workshops and general visits, we recommend booking at least six weeks in advance.

When booking please provide the following details:

  • Lead organiser and contact details
  • Number of children and number of children in each age group
  • Number of adults
  • Workshop
  • Arrival and departure time
  • Special or mobility needs