Security at the Museum

A security guard holding a torch and walkie-talkie while surrounded by specimens in the spirit collection.

Find out about the security and safety measures we have in place so you can enjoy your visit.

Our security team

All Museum staff are trained to spot suspicious behaviour and our professional and friendly security officers work around the clock to make sure you enjoy your visit by protecting our visitors, staff and the collections.

Trained staff conduct regular patrols inside and outside the Museum using overt and covert measures. Our state-of-the-art CCTV and specialised security control room operates around the clock and works in partnership with other museums and organisations in the area to help detect suspicious behaviour and report it to police if detected. We also work closely with the Metropolitan Police's Project Servator team.

Our security technology is so sophisticated that we'll be keeping you safe without you even noticing it, allowing you to relax and enjoy your visit.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Museum.

On arrival at the Museum

Your bags may be searched when you arrive at the Museum. It does not generally take long to pass through these checks and we thank you for your patience when helping us with this important security task.

If you have large bags or suitcases that cannot be carried, you will need to leave them in the cloakroom. This is subject to availability of space, so we recommend to avoid bringing such items if possible. Find out more about our luggage storage and cloakroom.

A number of items are prohibited and will not be permitted into the Museum:

  • knives
  • pepper/CS spray
  • imitation firearms
  • other offensive weapons
  • alcohol
  • protest materials
  • fireworks and flammable liquids

The police will be contacted should items that are illegal in the UK be brought to the Museum.

Stay alert

Please keep your belongings with you at all times.

You can help us by letting any of our staff know if you see or hear anything that doesn't seem right. By playing your part, you're doing your bit to help keep everyone visiting the Museum safe. You won't be wasting anyone's time.

If you would like to contact us after your visit with any security concerns, please email us.

Report suspicious activity

Learn the signs to look out for and report anything you see, in confidence, to the police.