Lesson resources: Slavery and the Natural World

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These resources are designed to support a KS3 lesson on diet, nutrition and disease in the historical context of the transatlantic slave trade.

Teachers can use these resources as a complete unit of work in class, or select elements to adapt to other programmes of work.

  • Key Stage: KS3
  • Time required: One lesson of 50-60 minutes.


Presentation with notes

This presentation provides a basic overview of the slave trade.  

Lesson plan

A four-part series of activities with curriculum links.


Images and nutritional information for pupils to use during the activities.

Teacher notes

An introduction to the context of slavery and how the Museum collections relate to the history of the slave trade.

Further reading and information

These resources were part of a project into the legacy of the slavery and the natural world. In partnership with community groups, the Museum commissioned research into links between its collections and the history of slavery.

Find out more about the slavery and the natural world project

About this resource

  • Resource type: lesson plan, presentation, images and data
  • Theme: Diet and nutrition

Learning outcomes

  • Have a greater understanding of how scientific thinking can be applied in different cultural contexts
  • Have an increased understanding of diet in the historical context of the slave trade
  • Be able to compare diets and consider their effect on health