Build the Change: Human Impact

The Natural History Museum has partnered up with the LEGO Group's sustainability team to produce an exciting set of classroom resources as part of the Build the Change programme.

In this course, students will explore how humans impact the planet, using the example of birds, 'today’s dinosaurs.' They will learn that humans can have both negative and positive effects on nature and create their own positive impact by coming up with imaginative solutions to real-world challenges.

They will build creations to express their ideas out of whatever you have available, from crafting materials to pen and paper. LEGO® bricks can be used but are not required.

  • Key Stage: KS2
  • Time required: Five modules, each 45 minutes. Can be run as a full course, or pick individual modules.

Course structure and download

The course document contains lesson plans, presentations and speaker notes, printable materials plus suggestions on various ways to adapt the content.

1. Introductory  Session - Introduction to Human Impact: Meet Today’s Dinosaurs

2. Stories of Change / Case Study Sessions

  • 2A: Tackling Habitat Loss
  • 2B: Tackling Water Pollution
  • 2C: Tackling Light and Noise Pollution

3. 'The Big Challenge' Session - Welcoming Migrating Birds

4. Sharing your class's ideas - Showcase Day and upload ideas to the online gallery

Share your class's ideas

Each lesson contains a creative challenge. Educators can scan the QR codes using their phone cameras to share images of their student’s creations and ideas.

Curriculum links

Each session is cross curricular with elements of science, engineering, geography and art weaved in. However, some parts of the curriculum are explored in a little more detail:


  • Animals, including humans
  • Uses of everyday materials
  • Living things and their habitats
  • Sound and Light
  • Working scientifically


  • Human and physical geography

Design and technology

  • Design, Make, Evaluate

Alternative language versions

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Build the Change

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Working with the LEGO Group

The LEGO Group and the Museum are inspiring children to learn about nature through play. 

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