Dinosaurs and birds

Aimed at children aged 4-7, this pick-and-mix collection of cross-curricular activities and facts will enrich Science, Maths, English, DT, Music, Drama and PE lessons.


Activity 1: Dinosaur timeline

Make an arm-span timeline to help visualise time (Maths, Science)

Activity 2: Discover a dinosaur

Explore the story of a species of dinosaur discovered in 2004 (English, Science)


Activity 3: Dinosaur skeleton

Find out about Dippy's skeleton and compare the shape and size of some body parts to your own (Maths, Science)

Activity 4: Longest bone

Discover the longest bone in your body and find out what dinosaurs were the same height as you! (Maths, Science)

Activity 5: Dinosaur feet

Investigate foot length and structure in humans, dinosaurs and living animals (Maths, Science)


Activity 6: Dinosaur dinners

Sort and match dinosaurs to their diets and learn about how different animals are classified as carnivore, herbivore or omnivore (Science, DT)

Activity 7: Feed the birds

Make bird cakes in recycled containers and use them to encourage wildlife (Science, DT)


Activity 8: Animal architects

Experiment with different natural materials to discover how birds build nests in different habitats (Science, DT, English)

Activity 9: Build a bird

Design a bird from a selection of wings, feet and beaks that make it well suited to a particular habitat (Science, DT)

Activity 10: Dinosaur habitats

Discover Dippy's world and imagine a day in a dinosaur's life (Science, English)

Walk like a dinosaur

Activity 11: Calculating my stride

Measure and record stride length (Maths, Science)

Activity 12: Dinosaur trackways

Investigate the stride lengths of different types of dinosaurs using life-size footprint cut-outs (Maths, Science)

Activity 13: Make your own dinosaur feet

Make and decorate tie-on dinosaur feet to wear (DT)

Activity 14: Herding dinosaurs

Follow instructions and work as a group in this movement and dance activity (PE, Drama, English)

Thinking and listening

Activity 15: Which dinosaur are you?

Take part in an exercise in self-reflection, movement and dance, working individually (English, PE)

Activity 16: Listen to the world

Imagine how the Jurassic world might have sounded (English, Music)

Adventures with Dippy

For ages 7-11. A set of lesson outlines and learning resources divided into eight episodes.

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