Dinosaurs and fossils

Classroom resources

Dinosaur timeline

Make an arm-span timeline to help visualise time. PDF (2.7MB)

Jurrasic sounds

Audio files of dinosaur and other sounds from the Jurassic period

Longest bone

Discover the longest bone in your body and find out what dinosaurs were the same height as you! PDF (3.8MB)

Dinosaur animations

Animations showing how different dinosaurs moved.

Make your own dinosaur feet

Make and decorate tie-on dinosaur feet to wear. PDF (2.8MB)

Dippy on Tour KS1 resources

View all our KS1 resources linked to Dippy on Tour, exploring dinosaurs and birds.

Useful articles

Craft activities and quizzes

The Dino Directory

Discover facts, figures and images for more than 300 dinosaurs.

In the Museum

Workshops and shows

Super Stegosaurus Workshop

Discover how scientists piece together fossil finds. An ongallery workshop looking and learning about the life of Sophie the Stegosaurus.

For ages 5-7 (KS1)

Dino Dig Workshop

Become palaeontologists and dig for fossils in this hands-on workshop. You might even uncover a dinosaur skull!

For ages 7-11 (KS2)


Fossils from Britain

Trace our fossil record through mud, silt, sand and time. See preserved shark teeth and spot the fossil fakes in the Fossils from Britain gallery.

South Kensington

Fossil Marine Reptiles

Find out what was going on in the oceans while dinosaurs dominated the land in the Fossil Marine Reptiles gallery.

South Kensington


The Museum's dinosaurs are world-famous. Meet the roaring T. rex, see the skull of a Triceratops and wander among fossils in the Dinosaurs gallery.

South Kensington