Essential booking information for educators

Please read the guidance below before you book your visit.


A lunch space for the indoor picnic area can be reserved when you book. These are for 30 minutes at a set time between 11.00 and 13.30. This is subject to availability.

You can bring your own food or buy sandwiches, soft drinks, tea, and coffee from our cafes.

Supervision guidelines

The behaviour of pupils at the Museum is the responsibility of teachers and adult supervisors. All children aged 14 and under visiting with their school must be accompanied by an adult at all times when visiting the Museum.

Your group must meet the minimum adult to pupil ratio for your Key Stage.

When you visit the Museum, please divide your group into these numbers. This will help you avoid congestion, keep a safe distance from other visitors, and not overcrowd the Museum facilities:

Key stage



Foundation Stage



Key Stage 1



Key Stage 2



Key Stage 3



Key Stage 4




1 adult per booking


If the behaviour of anyone in a school group adversely affects the safety or enjoyment of other students or staff, we may require the school group to leave.

Behavioural code of conduct for schools

Respecting the space in which you are visiting is vital for the preservation and longevity of our collection, for ensuring the comfort and enjoyment of all visitors here and for ensuring your own safety.

We ask teachers to remind their pupils of the following before their visit:

  • Please follow any instructions provided by Museum staff
  • Please treat the Museum’s staff, spaces and specimens with care and respect
  • Please walk, do not run
  • Please respect others enjoying their visit
  • Please dispose of litter in the bins provided
  • Please always stay with your group

In making your booking with the Natural History Museum, you agree that your group will abide by this code. Please ensure all accompanying adults are aware of the code and that children are well supervised throughout their visit.

Risk assessment

Activities for schools are designed with full consideration of the risks involved. Please read our risk assessment (PDF 113KB) when planning your visit.

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