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The giant amphipod Eurythenes atacamensis, red against a black background, found to be living in the depths of the Atacama Trench

Museum scientists described 552 new species in 2021. The list of new species includes this giant amphipod, Eurythenes atacamensis, found living in the depths of the Atacama Trench, image © Weston et al. 2021 

Museum scientists are researching Earth's life and geology, using the collections and cutting-edge techniques.


Creating molecular and digital tools to explore biodiversity.

Anthropocene and sustainability

Exploring new sources of food, predicting the spread of disease and finding scarce elements.

Discovery, origins and evolution

Studying our natural history specimens reveals the past, present and future of life, the solar system and Earth.

Digital collections

Digitising the 80 million specimens in the Museum's collections and providing open access to the digital data through our Data Portal.

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