Woodwasp, christmas tree wasps

Our scientists are conserving the Museum's vast insect collection, collecting and identifying new species and utilizing the collections for cutting edge entomological research.

Our research

Darwin Tree of Life project

Generating DNA barcodes and sequencing the full genomes of all animals, plants and fungi within the British Isles. 

Bumblebee specialist group

Assessing bumblebee species worldwide for the Red List of Threatened Species

Commercial bumblebee research

Isolating cryptic species in the most important group of commercial bumblebees. 

Manual of Afrotropical Diptera

Identifying families and genera of two-winged flies of the continental Afrotropical region.

Noctuoidea phylogenetics

Resolving the higher level classification of Noctuoidea

Sphingidae research

Understanding the Sphingidae family through both morphological and DNA analysis, and providing an online taxonomy resource, the Sphingidae Taxonomic Inventory