Economic and environmental earth sciences

Our scientists are supporting the sustainable development of resources, using our collections of soils, clays, ores and microfossils.

Soils and clays research

Current investigations include clays in mangrove forests, mineral-microbe interactions in soil, and ancient clays from Mars.  

Micropalaeontology research

The Museum's huge microfossil collection is helping us to reconstruct past environments and locate hydrocarbon reserves buried deep underground.


Undertake professional and postgraduate training in economic and environmental earth sciences.

Core research labs

Our research lab teams are available for complex on-site imaging and analysis of biological and geological samples.

Ore mineralogy laboratory

Learn more about our reflected light microscopy and microscope spectrophotometry laboratory.

Micropalaeontology collection

Find foraminifera, ostracods, conodonts, radiolarians and palynomorphs.

Ores collection

Our collection of more than 15,000 specimens is a valuable resource for the field of economic geology.

Attend seminars and conferences for scientists