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Contributed by Andrew Smith, August 2011

Engelia Tornquist, 1908, p. 424

Diagnostic Features
  • Apical disc unknown
  • Ambulacra with bigeminate plate compounding; each compound plate with a small primary tubercle; pore-pairs uniserial throughout
  • Tubercles perforate and non-crenulate.
Distribution Lower Jurassic (Pliensbachian), Germany
Name gender feminine
Type Engelia amalthei Tornquist, 1908, p. 424, by subsequent designation of Lambert & Thiery.
Species Included Only the type species
Classification and/or Status Acroechinoidea Incertae sedis; ?Pedinoida
Remarks Tornquist (1908, p. 408) cites "Engelia amalthei Qu[enstedt] sp." as type.

If the ambulacral plating is correctly reported this taxon differs from all other Lower Jurassic species described to date.

Mortensen (1932, p. 180) states this taxon is based on the ambulacrum of Cidaris laqueata Quenstedt and the interambulacral plates of a Cidaris [=Miocidaris] amalthei Quenstedt.  Lambert & Thiery took C. amalthei as genotype.

Tornquist, A. 1908. Die Diadematoiden des Wurttembergischen Lias. Zeitschrift der Deutschen geologischen Gesellschaft 60, 378-430, pls 15-19

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