The Echinoid Directory

Contributed by Andrew Smith, August 2011

Proisaster Aziz & Badve, 2001, p. 57

Diagnostic Features Similar to Isaster in having cordately elongated shape and centrally placed apical system without any fasciole but differs as latter has a transversely elongated periproct (from Aziz & Badve 2001)
Distribution Campanian, Upper Cretaceous, India
Name gender masculine
Type Proisaster coramandeli Aziz & Badve, 2001, p. 57
Species Included Only the type species (based on single specimen)
Classification and/or Status Spatangoida indet.
Remarks Completely indeterminate from the figure and description.

Aziz, A. S. & Badve, R. M. 2001. New echinoid fauna from the South India Cretaceous deposits. Gondwana Geological Magazine 16(2), 43-59.