The Echinoid Directory

Superorder Stirodonta Jackson, 1912, p. 203


 Regular Euechinoidea with:

  • keeled teeth;
  • lantern with epiphyses not meeting above the foramen magnum;
  • spines solid.
Lower Jurassic (Hettangian) to Recent, worldwide

As currently constitued this is a paraphyletic grade by exclusion of the more derived Camarodonta, which have the epiphyses of the lantern extended and fused above the hemipyramids.

The following taxa are probably stirodonts but remain too poorly known to place into one of the included taxa:

Egyptechinus Lambert, 1936

Jeannetia Mercier, 1936

Leiopleurus Lambert, 1902

Leptechinus Gauthier, 1889

Rhabdechinus Lambert, 1912

Jackson, R. T. 1912. Phylogeny of the Echini, with a revision of Paleozoic species Memoirs of the Boston Society of Natural History 7, 491 pp. 76 pls.