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show synonyms of <Dibrachys affinis> affinis Masi
show synonyms of <Dibrachys braconidis> braconidis (Ferriere and Faure)
brevicornis Yang and Yao
show synonyms of <Dibrachys confusus> confusus (Girault)
crassiscapus Sharkov
show synonyms of <Dibrachys fuscicornis> fuscicornis (Walker)
show synonyms of <Dibrachys golmudica> golmudica Jiao, Yao and Xiao
show synonyms of <Dibrachys hians> hians Boucek
show synonyms of <Dibrachys kojimae> kojimae (Ishii)
koraiensis Yang
show synonyms of <Dibrachys kunmingica> kunmingica Jiao, Yao and Xiao
show synonyms of <Dibrachys leucaniae> leucaniae (Liao)
show synonyms of <Dibrachys liaoi> liaoi Jiao, Yao and Xiao
show synonyms of <Dibrachys lignicola> lignicola Graham
show synonyms of <Dibrachys maculipennis> maculipennis Szelenyi
show synonyms of <Dibrachys microgastri> microgastri (Bouche)
palandoekenus Doganlar
pelos Grissell
show synonyms of <Dibrachys qinghaiensis> qinghaiensis Jiao, Yao and Xiao
quadrianelli Yang and Yao
relativus Doganlar
verovesparum Peters and Baur

NB: This list represents valid Chalcidoid taxa. Family- and genus-group synonyms are not included.