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show synonyms of <Cleruchus biciliatus> biciliatus (Ferriere)
blimp Trjapitsyn
show synonyms of <Cleruchus brevipennis> brevipennis Ogloblin
depressus (Annecke)
detritus Bakkendorf
funiculatus Manickavasagam and Palanivel
indicus Manickavasagam and Palanivel
show synonyms of <Cleruchus janetscheki> janetscheki Novicky
kivach Triapitsyn
leptosoma Debauche
longicornis Ogloblin
show synonyms of <Cleruchus lutulentus> lutulentus (Girault)
show synonyms of <Cleruchus mandibularis> mandibularis (Noyes and Valentine)
megatrichus Novicky
mikhail Triapitsyn
show synonyms of <Cleruchus musangae> musangae (Mathot)
show synonyms of <Cleruchus neivai> neivai (Ogloblin)
nikaknet Triapitsyn
orientalis Manickavasagam and Palanivel
petr Triapitsyn
show synonyms of <Cleruchus pieloui> pieloui (Yoshimoto)
show synonyms of <Cleruchus pluteus> pluteus Enock
pmilb Triapitsyn
polypori Triapitsyn and Moraal
puchus Triapitsyn
raignieri Debauche
show synonyms of <Cleruchus schilleri> schilleri (Girault)
szelenyi Novicky
taktochno Triapitsyn
show synonyms of <Cleruchus terebrator> terebrator Viggiani
show synonyms of <Cleruchus tintoreti> tintoreti (Girault)

NB: This list represents valid Chalcidoid taxa. Family- and genus-group synonyms are not included.