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Primary hosts
Order: Diptera
Family: Tephritidae
Dacus oleae
Boucek, Z. 1961, Notes on the chalcid fauna (Chalcidoidea) of Moldavian SSR. Trudy Moldavskogo Nauchno-Issledovatel'skogo Instituta Sadovodstva, Vinogradarstva i Vinodeliya. Kishinev. 7:21    
Parasitoid type: Primary
Boucek, Z. 1977, A faunistic review of the Yugoslavian Chalcidoidea (Parasitic Hymenoptera). Acta Entomologica Jugoslavica 13(Supplement):112    
Boucek, Z.; Askew, R.R. 1968, Hym. Chalcidoidea. Palearctic Eulophidae (excl. Tetrastichinae). Index of Entomophagous Insects 3:55,56 (Eds: Delucchi, V.; Remaudière, G.) Le François, Paris    
Delanoue. P. 1964, The consequence of competition between indiegenous chalcidoids and an introduced braconid (Opius concolor) in attempts to limit populations of Dacus oleae in the Alpes-Maritimes. Revue de Pathologie Végétale et d'Entomologie Agricole de France 43(3):145-151    
Delrio, G. 1977, Factors regulating the populations of Dacus oleae Gmelin in north-western Sardinia. Notiziario sulle Malattie delle Piante 98/99:27-45    
Delrio, G.; Cavalloro, R. 1977, Findings on the life-cycle and on the population dynamics of Dacus oleae Gmelin in Liguria. Redia 60:221-253    
Delrio, G.; Prota, R. 1977, Osservazioni eco-etologiche sul Dacus oleae Gmelin nella Sardegna nord-occidentale. Bollettino di Zoologia Agraria e Bachicoltura, Milano (2) 13:49-118    
Parasitoid type: Larval or nymphal
Delrio, G.; Prota, R. 1988, Determinants of abundance in a populations of the olive fruit-fly. Frustula Entomologica 11:47-55    
Parasitoid type: Larval or nymphal
Fenili, G.A.; Pegazzano, F. 1965, Observations carried out in 1962-64 on the presence in Tuscany of Opius concolor siculus, a hymenopterous braconid parasite of Dacus oleae Gmel. Redia (2) 49:145-146    
Fenili, G.A.; Pegazzano, F. 1971, Contributo alla conoscenze dei parassiti del Dacus oleae Gmel.: ricerche eseguite in Toscana negli anni 1967 e 1968. Redia 52:1-29    
Parasitoid type: Ectoparasitoid
Records 11 - 20 of 129
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