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Xin, X; Ma, Z.L.; Qin, W.Q. 2010, Roles of compound eyes and antennae in copulation behavior of Tetrastichus brontispae Ferriere (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) and their ultrastructure observed with scanning electron microscope. Acata Entomologica Sinica 53(6):626-633    
Xin, Z.J.; Yu, Z.N.; Erb, M.; Turlings, T.C.J.; Wang, B.H.; Qi, J.F.; Liu, S.N.; Lou, Y.G. 2012, The broad-leaf herbicide 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid turns rice into a living trap for a major insect pest and a parasitic wasp. New Phytologist 194(2):498-510 [ DOI: 10.1111/j.1469-8137.2012.04057.x ]    
Xing, J.Q.; Li, L.Y. 1990, In vitro rearing of an egg-parasite, Anastatus japonicus Ashmead. Acta Entomologica Sinica 33(2):166-173    
Keywords: In vitro rearing (artificial media); Mass rearing
Xing, P.Y.; Liu, T.; Song, Z.Q.; Li, X.F. 2016, Genetic diversity of Toona sinensis Roem in China revealed by ISSR and SRAP markers. Genetics and Molecular Research 15(3):15038387    
Xing, Y.C. 1986, Observations on hibernation behaviour and injuries of overwintering larvae of Eurhodope pirivorella (Agromyzidae) Matsumura and parasitic of its main natural enemies. Kunchong Zhishi (Insect Knowledge) 23(4):165-169    
Xiong, Q.; Yu, F.J.; Liu, Y.M.; Zhou, X.M.; Lei, C.L. 2006, Occurrence and control of Sphaeoderma apicale. Chinese Bulletin of Entomology 43(5):621-626    
Keywords: Hosts; Percentage parasitism
Xiong, T.L.; Xiao, J.H.; Li, Y.X.; Bian, S.N.; Huang, D.W. 2015, Diversity and evolution of Ty1-copia retroelements within Chalcidoidea by reverse transcriptase domain analysis. Insect Molecular Biology 24(5):503-516    
Xu, C.A.; Yin, C.; Peng, Z.Q.; Wen, H.B.; Fu, Y.G.; Wan, F.H. 2008, Effect of cold storage on the population quality of Tetrastichus brontispae. Chinese Bulletin of Entomology 45(1):112-116    
Keywords: Quality of parasitoids; Effect of temperature on parasite
Xu, C.M.; Zhou, D.R.; Wu, X.Y. 1995, Studies on occurrence and control of Lepidosaphes cupressi Borchsenius on Myrica rubra|. Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University 18(4):57-62    
Keywords: Hosts; Parasitism
Xu, C.T.; Huang S.S.; Liu, W.H.; Han, S.C.; Chen, Q.X.; Li, L.Y. 2002, The establishment of the experimental population life table of Trichogramma dendrolimi Matsumura and T. confusum Viggiani reared in vitro. 5th International Conference of Hymenopterists, 22-26th July, 2002, Fragrant Hill Hotel, Beijing, P.R. China :65     view Xu, C.T.; Huang S.S.; Liu, W.H.; Han, S.C.; Chen, Q.X.; Li, L.Y. (2002) in PDF format
Records 111 - 120 of 268
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