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Ma, B.; Lou, Y.G. Cheng, J.A. 2004, Effects of some biotic factors on activities of the volatiles emitted from rice plants infested by the rice brown planthopper. Journal of Zhejiang University (Agriculture and Life Sciences) 30(6):589-595    
Keywords: Hosts
Ma, C.S.; Chen, Y.W. 2005, Effects of alternating temperature and time on diapause of Trichogramma dendrolimi. Acta Phytophylacica Sinica 32(2):174-178    
Keywords: Diapause; Effect of temperature on parasite
Ma, C.S.; Chen, Y.W. 2006, Effects of constant temperature, exposure period, and age on diapause induction in Trichogramma dendrolimi. Biological Control 36(3):267-273    
Keywords: Diapause; Effect of temperature on parasite
Ma, D.Y.; Li, B.P.; Gao, W.S.; Xu, F. 2004, Effect of short-term cold storage to different development phase of Trichogramma pintoi among some geographical strain. Chinese Journal of Biological Control 20(3):215-217    
Keywords: Parasitoid development; Races/strains, parasitoid; Effect of temperature on parasite
Ma, F.L. 2004 (19 Apr 2004), Systematic study on the Encyrtidae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) from northeast China. PhD Thesis, Northeast Forestry University, Harbin, China :139pp    
Keywords: Taxonomy
Ma, F.L.; Su, F. 2002, Scale-parasitoid encyrtids (Encyrtidae, Chalcidoidea, Hymenoptera) in Heilongjiang. 5th International Conference of Hymenopterists, 22-26th July, 2002, Fragrant Hill Hotel, Beijing, P.R. China :62-63     view Ma, F.L.; Su, F.  (2002) in PDF format
Ma, G.C.; Hu, H.Y.; Niu, L.M.; Fu, Y.G.; Peng, Z.Q.; Bu, W.J.; Huang, D.W. 2009, Adaptation of the externally feeding bug Elasmucha necopinata (Hemiptera: Acanthosomatidae) to its fig host. Symbiosis 49(3):133-136    
Ma, H.; Pan, H.; Wu, J.; Li, K.; Sun, Y.; Chen, X.Z. 2014, Effects of cutting Phragmites australis on the density of the scale insect Nipponaclerda biwakoensis Kuwana and multiparasitism relationships of its five parasitoids. Chinese Journal of Applied Entomology 51(1):90-98    
Ma, H.Y. 1988, Studies on long-term storage of hosts for propogating Trichogramma. Colloques de l'INRA 43:369-371    
Keywords: Mass rearing
Ma, J.C. 1933, Parasites of rice fulgorids and cicadellids. Entomology and Phytopathology 1(29):627-629    
Records 1 - 10 of 4531
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