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L(ever), R.J.A.W. 1935, Brontispa leaf-beetles and their parasite Tetrastichodes in the Austro-Malayan region. British Solomon Islands Agricultural Gazette 3(4):10-11    
Keywords: Hosts
L(ever), R.J.A.W. 1936, Control of Brontispa in Celebes by the parasite Tetrastichodes of Java. British Solomon Islands Agricultural Gazette 3(4)(supplement):6    
Keywords: Biological control
La Croix, E.A.S. 1967, Maize stalk borers in the Coast Province of Kenya. East African Forestry Journal 33(1):49-54    
La Salle, J. , See also LaSalle, J.; Lasall, J. :    
La Salle, J. 2004 (03 Apr 2004), A new species of Tetrastichus (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) displaying remarkable wing setation. Perspectives on biosystematics and biodiversity. Prof. T.C. Narendran commemoration volume. :177-181 (Eds: Rajmohana, K.; Sudheer, K.; Girish Kumar, P.; Santhosh, S.) Systematic Entomology Research Scholars Association (SERSA), Kerala, India    
Keywords: Taxonomy
La Salle, J. 2005, Biology of gall inducers and evolution of gall induction in Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae, Eurytomidae, Pteromalidae, Tanaostigmatidae, Torymidae). Biology, ecology, and evolution of gall-inducing arthropods 2:507-537 (Eds: Raman, A.; Schaefer, C.W.; Withers, T.M.) Science Publishers, Inc., Enfield, New Hampshire, USA and Plymouth, U.K. (ISBN 1-57808-346-X)    
Keywords: Evolution; Chalcidoid phytophagy
La Salle, J. 2005 (30 Dec 2005), Zebe cornutus gen. et. sp. nov., a new Pireninae (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae) with 4-segmented tarsi and a mesoscutal horn. Acta Societatis Zoologicae Bohemoslovenicae 69(1-2):193-197    
Keywords: Taxonomy
La Salle, J. 2006, Capitulo 75. Familia Tanaostigmatidae. Introducción a los Hymenoptera de la Región Neotropical :721-726 (Eds: Fernández, F.; Sharkey, M.J.) Sociedad Colombiana de Entomología y Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia (ISBN 958-701-708-0)    
Keywords: Hosts; Review; Taxonomy
La Salle, J. 2008, Australian gall-inducing Eulophidae as globally invasive pests. Abstracts CD, XXIII International Congress of Entomology, 6-12 July, 2008: International Convention Centre, Durban, South Africa :3344     view La Salle, J.  (2008) in PDF format
Keywords: Chalcidoidea as pests; Dispersal/movement of parasitoid; Chalcidoid phytophagy
La Salle, J.; Arakelian, G.; Garrison, R.W.; Gates, M.W. 2009 (29 May 2009), A new species of invasive gall wasp (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae: Tetrastichinae) on blue gum (Eucalyptus globulus) in California. Zootaxa 2121:35-43     view La Salle, J.; Arakelian, G.; Garrison, R.W.; Gates, M.W. (2009) in PDF format
Keywords: Hosts; Chalcidoid phytophagy; Taxonomy
Records 1 - 10 of 2515
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