Members Morning Preview: Titanosaur

A photo of the Museum's animatronic T-rex wearing a Christmas jumper

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Join us for an exclusive, Members-only preview.

08.45-10.00, Monday 29 May

08.45-10.00, Sunday 4 June 

Join us for an exclusive, Members-only morning preview of our new exhibition Titanosaur: Life as the Biggest Dinosaur and get up close to the largest known creature to have ever walked the planet.

Step into the world of the colossal titanosaur Patagotitan mayorum. At four times heavier than Dippy the Diplodocus and 12 metres longer than Hope our blue whale, this gigantic creature is a truly spectacular sight. Don't miss your chance to come and see this extraordinary dinosaur at our fun, interactive exhibition.

Surrounded by beautiful illustrations of Cretaceous plants and animals, you'll follow the life of titanosaur from a football-sized egg plucked from its nest to a fully grown adult bearing the marks of an encounter with a ferocious predator that took a bite out of its tail.

As you weave your way around the gallery, you'll handle specimens, explore interactives and learn how this giant survived, and thrived, on Earth. You'll discover how Patagotitan stayed safe, found food and grew to tower head and shoulders above its fellow Cretaceous critters. Get ready to size yourself up against its huge thigh bone, stare into its gigantic sauropod skull and even smell its poo!

After discovering what life was like as the biggest dinosaur, grab some breakfast and join us in Earth Hall to peruse some of our other specimens in a relaxed environment before we open to the public!

All ages are welcome, content intended for ages 5+.

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There's also an evening viewing. Discover what life was like as the biggest dinosaur, grab a refreshment and join us in Earth Hall to peruse some of our other specimens in a relaxed environment after dark.

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