Generation Hope: Act for the Planet

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Generation Hope is an annual programme that delves into the challenges and solutions for people and planet. Join us for a free programme of inspiring workshops, panels and talks created in partnership with young people, for young people.

This event has now passed, the next programme will run in 2025.

Across the Museum, Free

Everyone has the power and potential to take meaningful action for the planet. 

Our mission is to create advocates that are informed, confident and motivated to make wise decisions, get involved and use their influence and actions to drive positive change for the planet's future.

Join us for this free programme of inspiring workshops, panels and talks created in partnership with young people, for young people aged 16+. Whether it's getting to grips with the science, understanding the impacts of the planetary emergency or strengthening your own skills, join us to take the next step, no matter where you are on your journey.

Booking tickets is essential, as there are a limited number of spaces for each event. Sessions are most suitable for ages 16+. Please check the individual sessions for age restrictions and guidance. All children must be accompanied by an adult. 

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Pop up activities

Drop in to Hintze Hall throughout the week to meet our scientists and see some specimens from our collections.

Meet our scientists

Discover the faces behind our incredible science! Meet our scientists who are carrying out cutting-edge research that’s helping us understand how and why our planet is changing and what we can do to help.

Free workshops

Our programme of free workshops includes both online and in-person events so you can connect with our mission from anywhere in the world.

Building Nature-Connection for a Flourishing Future

Learn all about UK biodiversity in this interactive workshop. Make your own nature journal and discover how you can help protect nature on your doorstep

The Policies on Climate Change

In this hands-on workshop, learn how policy decisions about climate and the environment are made in the UK.

The Material Cost of Life Online

Is it possible to continue to extract minerals for the future in a sustainable way? Join our experts as they discuss how we might meet our future needs.

Connecting to Nature Through Creativity

How can art and creative practices enhance our connection with nature? In this workshop we invite artists, poets and scientists to explore our relationship with nature through a creative lens.

Becoming an Advocate for the Planet

In the face of challenges like climate change and biodiversity loss, what actions can we take to make a difference? Meet scientists and climate activists who’ll talk about their journeys in becoming advocates for the planet.

Speed Networking

You’ve heard of speed dating, but have you heard of speed networking? Meet experts from the business, policy, science and activist fields in this fun, fast-paced activity!

Resilience Rucksack Workshop, delivered by The Resilience Project

Take part in an interactive workshop designed to help young people deal with difficult climate emotions and become future changemakers.

Free talks

Join us in discussions and help shape what it means to be an advocate for the planet.

Climate Crisis 101

Join us for a discussion about what the climate crisis is and how people are impacted differently depending on where they are in the world.

Debunking Climate Disinformation

Join our group of experts to discover more about climate misinformation and disinformation, the impacts it has and what we can do to tackle it.

Exploring Indigenous Wisdom

Discover what Indigenous knowledge and stewardship means and explore the experiences of Indigenous Peoples affected by the climate crisis.

A Natural History of Empire

As a museum we’re connected to the history of the British Empire. Imperial ideas shaped how natural history was collected, studied and displayed.  See specimens from our collections and join this discussion with scientists, historians and activists as they explore the work going on to acknowledge and learn more about this history.

Understanding Climate Change Through our Collections

Discover what the collections we care for can reveal about climate change and ask our experts your questions.

Tackling the Twin Crises of Climate Change and Biodiversity Breakdown

How are the climate and biodiversity crises connected and what can we do to help?

Sharing Stories in a Planetary Emergency

Join us for an evening of powerful and diverse stories from scientists, artists and climate activists as they share their journeys navigating the planetary crises.

In conversation with Lira Valencia

Join us in conversation with Lira Valencia - the so called Urban Wildlife Queen - as we discuss her journey into the environmental sector.


Our advisory board

To ensure we are listening to and learning from the people on the frontlines of our collective response to the planetary emergency, we have established an Advisory Board consisting of activists, scientists and Museum colleagues who have advised on our approach and will be contributing to sessions throughout the week.

  • Meet the board

    Natalie Cooper is an ecologist and evolutionary biologist at the Natural History Museum. She works on understanding how the diversity of life evolved and how we can protect it from human activities. She works on a variety of animal groups including mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fishes.

    Daphne Frias is a proud Latina climate justice activist, disability awareness advocate, organiser and storyteller based in New York, USA. Twitter Instagram

    Kat Hamilton is the Partnerships and Programmes Director for Force of Nature, an organisation that through virtual programmes, empowers young people and decision-makers in more than 50 countries to cultivate mindsets of agency, purpose and resilience. Twitter Instagram Force of Nature Instagram

    Ken Johnson is a Principal Researcher at the Natural History Museum, London, where he studies the history of coral reef systems, covering time spans from decades to millions of years. Documenting how reefs have responded to past environmental changes will help us to understand how they might respond to future changes and how best to protect them.

    Selina N Leem is a climate warrior from Aelōn̄ Kein Ad, now known as the Republic of the Marshall Islands. A self-described 'small island girl with big dreams', Selina at the age of 18 was the youngest delegate at the COP21 conference where the Paris Agreement was adopted. Twitter Instagram

    Erica McAlister is Principal Curator for Fleas and Flies at the Natural History Museum, London. She has been recording, researching and describing flies for more than 15 years, both in the UK and across the world. Erica is very involved in public engagement both within the Museum and externally, including radio, TV, writing and events.

    Eric Njuguna is a youth climate justice organizer based in Nairobi, Kenya. They are an organizer with Fridays for future MAPA working to amplify the voices of the most marginalized by building partnerships and resourcing their work. They are also a UNICEF young leader, an advisor at Climate Vanguard and a fossil fuel non proliferation treaty champion. Twitter Instagram

    Larissa Pinto Moraes is Executive Director of Engajamundo, a Brazilian youth-led organisation dedicated to making Brazilian youths aware of their socio-environmental impact and encouraging them to engage in local, national and international decision-making processes. EngagamundoTwitter Engagamundo Instagram

    Disha Ravi is a climate justice activist based in Bangalore, India, who founded the Indian branch of the Fridays for Future network. Twitter Instagram

    Mitzi Jonelle Tan is a climate justice activist based in Metro Manila in the Philippines. She is the convenor and international spokesperson of Youth Advocates for Climate Action Philippines. Twitter Instagram