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Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story
13 February - 28 September 2014

Look back at Britain long before the Romans, Saxons and Vikings arrived and discover rarely seen specimens, brought to life through unique exhibits, film, striking graphics and life-size models.

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Open late on the last Friday of every month.

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Adults £9. Children and concession £4.50. Family £24.
Free for Members, Patrons and children under 4.

These ticket prices include a small voluntary donation to the Museum.

Homo sapiens model

Homo sapiens model

What's in the exhibition

Explore more than 200 specimens and objects, including lifelike models of a Neanderthal and a Homo sapiens, specially commissioned for the exhibition.

As you meet the earliest occupants of what we now call Britain, a landscape emerges of a lost world where mammoths, elephants and rhinos roamed freely. It's hard to believe that around 125,000 years ago, lions lived in Trafalgar Square and hippos swam in the Thames.

Amazing archaeological discoveries

Incredible finds from sites around Britain such as Kent's Cavern in Devon, Pontneywdd in North Wales and Happisburgh in Norfolk, reveal what life was like in ancient Britain.

flint axe

Largest hand axe in Europe, c 300,000 years old

See a skull from the earliest known Neanderthal in Britain, the oldest wooden spear in the world, the largest hand axe in Europe and other remarkable objects from our past.

The human story today

In the last section of the exhibition, find out what six well-known figures, including Bill Bailey and Alice Roberts, discovered about their own genetic ancestry by having their DNA analysed. 

See how we all fit into a wider human family tree, which includes our extinct Neanderthal cousins and how we got here out of Africa.

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