The Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story shop contains a fantastic range of items for kids and adults.

After you’ve been round the exhibition, you can pick up a selection of cuddly and educational toys, T-shirts, homeware, books on human evolution and much more.

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Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story

Travel back in time with the official exhibition book, co-written by Museum expert Chris Stringer and fully illustrated with maps, diagrams and photographs.

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Skeletons galore

From T-shirts to notebooks and tote bags to plates the exhibition shop contains a whole host of items adorned with ancient human skeletons.

You can even buy a skeleton apron to cook in or unearth your own collection of Neanderthal bones with our cave man excavation kit.

Little hominins

Young kids will love our ancient animal soft toys and the cavemen sticker book, which lets them control the story.

While budding palaeontologists will have hours of fun with our sabre-tooth tiger and mammoth skeleton assembly kits.


Don’t worry we’ve also stocked the shop with some more adult items, like this Ted Baker hip flask and a macabre human skull pendant.

If you’d like to learn more about ancient humans, the shop contains a fantastic range of books, from Chris Stringer’s award winning Homo britannicus to Jared Daimond’s The Third Chimpanzee: The Evolution and Future of the Human Animal.

Time for tea

As usual, the exhibition shop has a great selection of mugs.

If you want to drink your coffee from a mug shaped like a skull, sip your hot chocolate from a history timeline or scare your friends with a creepy skull hidden at the bottom of their cup of tea, we’ve got it covered.

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