Owl butterflies

Come and enjoy our special display of five new sub-species of the South American owl butterfly, Eryphanis zolvizora, recently identified by Museum scientists.

Big butterfly, even bigger discovery
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The cloud forest of Peru

Habitat of Eryphanis zolvizora in the cloud forest of Peru. © P Blandin.

A team of international scientists collected the new specimens in the Andes and compared characteristics such as wing patterns and reflection of colour with historic specimens, some more than 100 years old. 

They discovered important variations between geographically separate populations and were able  to identify five new sub-species, which are now on show at the Museum.

Discover the full story in our new special display.

The owl butterfly is named after the distinctive eye patterns on the underside of its wings. It lives across South America, but is rarely found in the field or in collections.