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Attenborough Studio events: Science Uncovered

Attenborough Studio events: Science Uncovered

Special event

Attenborough Studio

26 September 2014 15:00 - 21:30

Take part in a special programme of talks and shows for adults and families at Science Uncovered in our state-of-the-art Attenborough Studio. Discover the work of Museum scientists and join topical discussions.

Part of our evening science festival, Science Uncovered.

You need free tickets for all Attenborough studio events.
Tickets are available on the night outside the studio on a first-come, first-served basis.

Attenborough Studio events

Animal Vision
15.00 and 16.00
Peer into a world visible only to certain reptiles and invertebrates at this live animal show. Find out how eye adaptations in snakes, iguanas and praying mantis help them escape predators and locate prey, and why bees and butterflies can detect ultraviolet light.

A Fine Art: Protecting Images from the Past
Discover the incredible stories behind some of the Museum's most important paper artefacts, including field notes from Alfred Russel Wallace's travels in the Amazon and artwork from Captain Cook's voyages. Then, via live video link to the paper conservation studio, see how we protect and maintain these rare pieces of history.

Sinuses: A Mysterious Gap in our Knowledge
What is the connected system of hollow cavities that make up our sinuses really for? And, what can it tell us about our ancient relatives and how they lived? Find out what our Museum expert has discovered.

Sampling Space: Chasing an Asteroid
Join us for a live video link with NASA to discuss their 2016 mission to collect a sample from Bennu, a 4.5-billion-year-old asteroid. Find out how they plan to do it, and what the sample might reveal about the Solar System, as well as the origin of water and organic material on Earth.

CSI: Crime Scene Insects
Explore the fascinating science of forensic entomology and hear from a Museum scientist who uses her expert knowledge of flies and their life cycles to help police solve crimes.

Coral Reefs: Paradise Lost?
Coral reefs are the most biodiverse ecosystems on earth, yet they are being destroyed at an alarming rate. Find out more about these cities under the sea, and how fossils and the latest imaging technology can help save them.

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