Multimedia guides

Take a touchscreen tour when you visit

Discover the stories and science behind our specimens and exhibits. Pick up a handheld guide to carry with you and explore the Museum.

Availability and prices

£4.95. Concessions £3.95. Families £12.
Tours: Adult, family, British Sign Language and Audio Description tours (BSL and AD tours are free).
Adult guide also in Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano.
Hire and return: Hintze Hall (formerly the Central Hall) ticket desk.
You will be asked to leave identification.

Pick up your guide when you arrive or book in advance (booking fee applies).

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What's in the guide

Multimedia guide handset

The touchscreen guide takes you into some of our Museum galleries and collections. Using the interactive map, you can choose where you want to explore.

Colourful images and videos, lively narratives and interview clips with our scientists bring the selected galleries and specimens to life. Each tour lasts about 60 minutes.

Dinosaur discoveries

Stop for coffee and scroll through the guide's Dino files, packed with essential dinosaur facts.

A choice of two tours is available. They highlight many of the same galleries and specimens. The family tour is suitable for adults and children aged seven and above.

For adults

  • Tap into galleries including Hintze Hall, Minerals, Fossil Marine Reptiles, the Zoology Spirit Building.
  • Discover why dinosaurs went extinct, the contents of a sperm whale's stomach and how we preserve specimens.
  • Exhibition highlights: blue whale, giant sequoia, gunpowder, komodo dragon.
Boy and extinct mammal

For families

  • Tap into galleries including Mammals, Creepy Crawlies, and From the Beginning.
  • Have fun and test your dinosaur knowledge with the family guide's Dino files.
  • Exhibition highlights: Diplodocus, sabre-tooth cat, giant ground sloth, stalagmite.
Group visits

If you are visiting as a group and would like to use the multimedia guides, please tell us when you book your visit.