Inside Explorer Table

Scan inside precious Museum specimens on our interactive digital table and see science in a brand new way.

Swipe your hand across the 55-inch screen to rotate, slice through and peel away the layers of specimens.

Look beneath the surface
See what this hairy anglerfish had for dinner

See what this hairy anglerfish had for dinner

On the Inside Explorer Table you can scan inside a hairy anglerfish, an Egyptian mummified cat, delicate Blaschka glass sculptures, arachnids, a meteorite from Mars, and a 20-million-year-old gecko trapped in amber.

The table uses thousands of images captured by an X-ray micro-computed tomography (CT) scanner to create highly detailed 3D reconstructions.

It gives scientists and visitors the unique ability to examine specimens inside-out in a non-invasive way.

Find the Inside Explorer Table at the end of the Cocoon journey in the Darwin Centre

There is also a mobile table that you can sometimes find in the Investigate centre or the Images of Nature gallery. Ask at Museum information desks to find out where it is located when you visit. 

Suitable for adults and families with children of all ages.