The Natural History Museum's has a long history of providing up-to-date palaeontological and mineralogical information to a range of clients. 

Exploration and efficient exploitation for oil and gas rely on the combination of technology and expertise. 

Our expert staff in combination with our international collections and modern analytical facilities allows us to deliver outstanding project results.

We can offer assistance in:

  • accurate identification of fossils
  • identifications and palaeoenvironmental data
  • biostratigraphic borehole correlation
  • biostratigraphic surface surveys
  • production of high-quality, high resolution colour digital images of microfossils. This facility can be used to produce manuals on fossil taxa
  • identification of rock-forming minerals. We can identify individual phases using normal microscopy, SEM and microprobe in conjunction with modern XRD facilities
  • fluid inclusion analysis and interpretation including preliminary modelling studies of both aqueous and hydrocarbon fluids determined in the fluid inclusions. This work is of direct relevance to basin and reservoir studies
  • bespoke training to oil company staff in all areas of exploration, identification and analysis.
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