Forensic science

Forensic science is application of science to answer questions emerging from legal cases.

Museum scientists are using their world-leading expertise in the natural world to provide a number of forensic services where knowledge of natural history can contribute forensic evidence.

  • Micro CT scan of a human skull
    Forensic anthropology

    Forensic anthropology uses traditional anthropological techniques for identifying the deceased when their remains are in an advanced state of decomposition, burned, dismembered or fragmentary. Discover how the Museum's forensic anthropologists use their skills for identifying human remains in criminal investigations.

  • crime scene
    Forensic entomology

    Forensic entomology is the study of insects and other arthropods (ie spiders, mites) recovered from a crime scene. The Museum's entomologists have a wealth of experience and provide a range of forensic services. Find out more about how they can help with criminal investigations.

  • Craticula species of diatom
    Additional forensic services

    Museum can also offer analysis on other types of evidence. Find out more about the other forensic services that are available within the Museum.

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