Expert witness services

The Natural History Museum is able to deliver a range of scientific expert witnessing services to the legal community.

Expert witnessing services are used extensively by the legal and insurance community to assist in the resolution of lawsuits and criminal cases.

Qualified experts can perform in-situ investigations, laboratory examinations and information assessments in areas including:

  • marine insurance
  • protection and indemnity
  • specimen identification
  • due diligence
  • fouling - the impact of marine growth on ships and other vessels
  • groundings - the impact of vessels on coral reefs and other sensitive marine habitats
  • identification of insects and other contaminant species in food, and determination of their provenance
  • identification of global movement of forensic evidence from knowledge of the distribution of associated species, such as insects
  • assessment of environmental damage or change by study of the fauna and flora of an area
  • international identifications and quality assurance service
  • marine biofouling assessment
  • Barnacles and mussels cause damage to sea vessels.
    Recent contracts

    Recent expert witness consulting contracts delivered by the Natural History Museum.

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Forensic science

Forensic science is application of science to answer questions emerging from legal cases. Museum scientists are using their world-leading expertise in the natural world to provide a number of forensic services. Find out more.

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