Current research

Dr Tom Hill

Tom is interested in the reconstruction of late Quaternary landscapes using pollen and diatoms. He also undertakes research into the use of proxy analysis as a tool for geoarchaeological studies.

Dr Stephen Stukins

Stephen is currently researching the palynology of the Jurassic, creating palaeoecological reconstructions using fossil pollen and spores. 

Stephen has identified collections, notably in the former British Petroleum microfossil collection, that will assist in much of his research.

Dr Giles Miller

Giles is currently researching conodont taxonomy and stratigraphy in Oman, as well as other projects worldwide on conodonts and ostracods. 

Much of Giles’ research is focused around our conodont collections. He blogs regularly about the activities within micropalaeontology, so keep reading to stay up to date!

Micropalaeontology blog

  • An unidentified S0 conodont element from the Ordovician of the Amdeh Formation, Oman.
    Conodont research

    Our conodont research focuses on Ordovician and Silurian faunas from the Middle East.  Learn more about the Museum's work in this area.

  • Alveolina boscii.
    BP micropalaeontology project

    A three-year project to analyse the former British Petroleum micropalaeontology collection, mapping palaeoenvironmental changes through geological time.

Heron-Allen collection slide.
Micropalaeontology curator's blog

For the latest news and events from the micropalaeontology team follow the curator's blog.