Dinosaur research

Around 30-40 new species of dinosaurs are being discovered each year, bringing the total number of known species to more than 750. 

Research at the Museum encompasses all major dinosaur groups, with special emphasis on ornithischians and sauropodomorphs.

  • Skeleton of the 3-horned dinosaur Triceratops
    Dinosaur biomechanics and palaeobiology

    Find out about our research investigating dinosaur biology, which aims to define the limits of dinosaur feeding and locomotory behaviours.

  • Skull of the dinosaur Hypsilophodon
    Dinosaur macroevolution, macroecology and fossil record

    We are aiming to document the interactions between dinosaurs and their environments, allowing investigation of some major evolutionary and ecological processes over extended timescales unavailable to modern biologists.

  • Mantellisaurus atherfieldensis fossil skull
    Taxonomy and systematics of dinosaurs

    Learn about work being carried out by Museum palaeontologists to revise dinosaur classifications. This will enable more accurate insights into their evolutionary palaeobiology.