Fossil plant research

Our research focuses on the origins of land dwelling plants during the Palaeozoic Era, and the co-evolution of plants and animals during the Mesozoic Era.

Plant life has existed on land for over 470 million years, and it forms the basis of terrestrial ecosystems. The origin of plants and their evolutionary importance is a key focus of the Museum's fossil plant research.

Our plant research has 2 main themes:

  • Plant origins
  • Mesozoic ecosystems
  • Cooksonia pertoni
    Plant origins

    Investigating the origins of plant life on land and the evolution of basic plant organs, tissue systems, and life cycles. 

  • Cladophlebis australis
    Mesozoic ecosystems

    Research focusing on forest ecosystems of the Mesozoic Era and the interactions of their plant and dinosaur inhabitants. 

  • Fly agaric.

    Museum scientists are studying microfossil eukaryotes to learn more about the origins and early evolution of plant symbiosis.

Fossil plant researchers