Core research labs and consulting

Scanning electron microscope image of a weevil

Artificially coloured scanning electron microscope image of a grain weevil (x 50)

The Museum is uniquely placed to prepare, digitise, analyse and interpret natural history materials, from mosquito DNA to Martian meteorites. 

Our unrivalled collections, broad expertise and cutting-edge equipment allow us to carry out complex non-destructive analyses of naturally occurring samples, and identify and interpret other materials such as metals, ceramics and composites. 

Imaging and Analysis Centre

Preparing and analysing biological, geological and synthetic material for staff, scientific visitors and consultancy projects.

Conservation Centre

Preparing, conserving and caring for objects from the Museum's scientific departments. We also offer consultancy and training.

Molecular laboratories

Providing facilities and expertise for interdisciplinary research in molecular sciences.


We provide an international consulting service that draws on the Museum’s research expertise, facilities and collections.


Browse our world-class collections of animals, plants, fossils, rocks, minerals and microbes.