Distribution and habitat

Since its first sighting in Surrey and Berkshire, established colonies have been observed in a number of other localities in Greater London and the southern counties, including Essex, Dorset and even Northamptonshire (Sutton, 2007).

Its expansion is likely to continue.

Many entomologists have recorded the spread of this species northwards through Europe, which has been surprisingly rapid for such a short winged species.  

It has been found on motor vehicles - thus extending its range by assisted travel - and may have reached southern England by this route, through the channel tunnel.

The oak bush-cricket may also have been introduced with shrubs and trees imported from mainland Europe. It was introduced by this means to the USA in 1957 on Long Island, New York, and has since become well established in eastern and western states (Canning et al, 2007).


Both Meconema species seem to occupy similar habitats, on a wide variety of broad-leaved woodland trees and hedgerow and garden shrubs. They can also be found on small saplings where tall trees are few.