Around 95% of the Earth's oceans are still unexplored - in fact, we know less about the deep sea than we do about space.

Exploring and studying the oceans is critical to protect these valuable resources for future generations.

The Museum's scientists study marine specimens from around the globe, from tiny fossils to vast whale skeletons.

Scientific research informs debates on issues including climate change, ocean acidification and plastics in the sea.

Uncover why we need to protect the oceans, find out how to get involved and and dive into cutting-edge research about life underwater.

Whales: Beneath the surface

Explore the extraordinary lives of whales in a new family exhibition. Now open.

Meet a blue whale

Explore the history of the Museum's 25-metre blue whale skeleton in the interactive online experience.

Latest stories: science and climate change

A sea dragon brought to life

Encounter Rhomaleosaurus, a prehistoric sea dragon, as it comes back to life before your eyes.

Get involved

Help us monitor Britain's sealife by joining the Big Seaweed Search.

Discover life underwater

Whales: ocean giants