Gigantoproductus giganteus

Gigantoproductus giganteus is an extinct brachiopod belonging to the order Productida.

It was the largest of the brachiopods and dwarfed almost all other species of this phylum.

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  • gigantoproductus
    Taxonomy and evolution

    Read about the appearance and features of Gigantoproductus giganteus and find out about its evolutionary history.

  • Carboniferous
    Distribution and habitat

    Discover where fossil specimens of this species are known from and the type of habitat it would have lived in.

  • Gigantoproductus giganteus

    Learn about the form and structure of Gigantoproductus giganteus. Find out about its feeding patterns and what the reproductive habits of brachiopods extant indicate about how Gigantoproductus giganteus would have reproduced.


Gigantoproductus giganteus

Gigantoproductus giganteus

Gigantoproductus giganteus

Gigantoproductus sp.

Gigantoproductus giganteus

The surface of Gigantoproductus giganteus.


Global paleogeographic reconstruction of the Earth in the late Carboniferous period 300 million years ago. 

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