Model of Ocypus olens

Ocypus olens, shown here in a large scale model, measures 22-32mm.


The devil’s coach horse, Ocypus olens, is the largest rove beetle in the UK, measuring 22-32mm.

Rove beetle characteristics:

  • Extended exposed abdomen, covered by sclerotized (hardened) plates and composed of 8 segments (tergites).
  • Characteristic defence posture which is aided by extremely powerful abdominal musculature.
  • Shortened wing cases (elytra) which cover the thorax, concealing a folded second pair of wings which in most species enables flight.
  • Uniformly black body covered in fine, black hairs (setae).


Staphylinus olens is a synonym of Ocypus olens (O F Müller, 1764).


In taxonomy, synonyms are different scientific names that refer to the same organism or group of organisms.