Nesillas aldabrana (Aldabra brush warbler)

The Aldabra brush warbler (Nesillas aldabrana) is unique to the raised coral atoll of Aldabra, western Indian Ocean, where it was discovered in dense scrub habitat at the western end of Ile Malabar as recently as 1967.

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The auther studied a small population of about six individuals here over two years in the mid 1970s, but found no evidence of the species elsewhere on the atoll. The last living individual was seen in 1983, since when intensive searches have failed to re-discover the species and it is now presumed to be extinct.

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    Find out about the form and structure of the Aldabra brush warbler, learn about the features that distinguished it from similar looking species and read about the evolution of the genus Nesillas.

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    Discover the area of Aldabra that this species was known from and the types of habitat it was found in. Learn about populations trends for the Aldabra brush warbler and find out about its feeding patterns.

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    Learn about the biology and behavioural traits of the Aldabra brush warbler that made it hard to locate.

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    Find out the potential causes for the disappearance of the Aldabra brush warbler and discover where you can see specimens and eggs of this species.

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Aldabra brush warbler

Aldabra brush warbler © Robert Prys-Jones

Aldabra brush warbler singing

Aldabra brush warbler singing © Robert Prys-Jones


Two Nesillas aldabrana  Aldabra warblers in the Museums collections 

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